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blakesleeinc.gif Blakeslee has always been committed to manufacture and sell only the best machines. In 1965, Blakeslee literally threw out every old design, redesigned the entire line and introduced the first and only underslung conveyor (patented), the only modular design in dishwashing machines and the only low profile machines. This took courage. The modular system revolutionized the entire industry. Only BLAKESLEE modular machines offer the three features ... flexibility of modules, ease of loading and unloading the underslung conveyor, and the low, uncluttered lines of the Lo-Boy design. During the entire existence of the Company, there has never been a greater devotion to the excellence that exists today. The guidelines are still the same; the best can still be made better. Find out more about the Blakeslee brand by clicking here
  • Alto Shaam - Fuse - FU-33042

    Alto Shaam - Fuse - FU-33042

    Sc-20, Fuse, 600V, 20 Amp, Time Lag, 13/32" x 1 13/32" Garland 36Es11, 36Es11-Bl, 36Es11-Sf, 36Es11-Sfbl, E56Pb, E56Pt, Eco-E-10, Eco-E-25, Ico-E-10, Ico-E-25, Mco-E5, Mco-Es-Ed-10, Mp-Es/Ed-10 Henny Penny Cm-(5,7), Cmt-7, Hm-7, Hmt-7 Alto Shaam:...

    MSRP: $10.90
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  • Blakeslee - Fuse - 16688

    Blakeslee - Fuse - 16688

    Sc-10, Fuse, 600V, 10 Amp, Time Lag;13/32" x 1 5/16";Southbend;Blakeslee: 16688;Blodgett: 20162;Duke: 153201;Lincoln: 369166;Southbend: 1455A8793;Star Mfg: 2E-34768;Bussmann: Sc-10;Middleby Marshall: 1455A8793;Star Mfg: 2E-1455A8793;Star Mfg:...

    MSRP: $14.60
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  • 581026 - Blakeslee - Solenoid Valve3/4" 120/240v - 12488

    Blakeslee - Solenoid Valve3/4" 120/240v - 12488

    [Parker Hot Water Solenoid Valve ] [ 3/4" Fpt ] [ Nc ];[ 120/240 V ] [ Width 3-1/4" ];[ Brand Parker ] [ Mfg# Gp607 ];Coil Only - H659, # 51-1205;Repair Kit - H430, # 51-1447;Vulcan Dishwasher Series 3D, A, Cd, Cp, Hp;Blakeslee: 12488;Champion:...

    MSRP: $318.40
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  • Globe - Fiber Gear - 747-17

    Globe - Fiber Gear - 747-17

    Fiber Knife Gear Globe Slicer Also Used On: Toledo~ Toastmaster~ Fleetwood~ Blakeslee~ Lan-Lectric Globe: 747-17 Blakeslee: 19363 Globe: 376 Middleby Marshall: 4510077

    MSRP: $73.80
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