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delfield2.jpg The Delfield Company was founded in a small building on Detroit's east side in 1949 by Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield. The company name was derived from the "Del" in DeLorenzo and the "field" in Springfield. Today, Delfield is one of the largest custom stainless steel refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world. Find out more about the Delfield brand by clicking here
  • 266010 - Shelf Clip - AP.18919

    Shelf Clip - AP.18919

    Shelf Clip, Delfield Md1R2-S, Md2R2-S, Md6R1-Sh, Mfpt2-S, Mfr1-G, Mfr1-S, Mfr1N-S, Mfr1S-S, Mfr2-G, Mfr2-S, Mfr2N-S, Mfr3-G, Mfr3-S, Mfri-S, Mhpt1-G, Mhpt1-Gs, Mhpt1-S, Mhpt2-G, Mhpt2-Gs, Mhpt2-S, Mhr1-G, Mhr1-S, Mhr2-S, Mrpt1-G, Mrpt1-Gs, Mrpt1-S,...

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