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atlas-metal.png For over 52 years Atlas Metal Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of quality food serving equipment. Since their founding in 1948, Atlas Metal Industries, Inc. has been developing innovative designs that continue to be the specified standard used by many of the leading Food Service Consultants in the industry. Their company is dedicated to bringing top quality, affordably priced, and well-engineered products to the market place. At Atlas Metal Industries, being a leader is part of their heritage. The fact is, no other company has the depth of experience to partner with you in designing and producing such a wide range of components, accessories, and Serving Systems to fit your personal needs. And, no other company will stand behind its products like they do. Whether you require a drop-in hot, or refrigerated pan, or a complete modular serving system for your next design project, you can depend on the large inventory and quick delivery to satisfy your equipment and remodeling needs. Find out more about the Atlas Metal brand by clicking here