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true-manufacturing.png For 70 years TRUE has remained steadfast in their mission "To provide a wide range of American-made commercial refrigeration products that exceed industry quality standards at competitive prices." Throughout the years, TRUE has maintained a business strategy focused on innovation and capital investment in updated facilities and state-of-the-art technologies. TRUE purchases only the best materials based on the application for their products without compromise for price. As a result, their products are known for their outstanding longevity, dependability and value. As a privately owned business, TRUE has the unique ability to adjust swiftly and decisively to market trends, employ new strategies for meeting their customers’ needs, and address the increasing demands for social responsibility in the manufacturing process. TRUE has expounded upon an expansive program, implemented in the mid 1990s, to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact of their products and operations. At TRUE, they are not only interested in a leadership role in the commercial refrigeration industry, but also as a leader and model in efficient, responsible manufacturing worldwide. Find out more about the True Manufacturing brand by clicking here