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What Are The Main Types of Gaskets?
There are four types of gaskets. Compression, Magnetic Screw-In, Magnetic Push-In, and Magnetic Dart Mount. We also carry many other varieties of gaskets, if you have questions about our other styles of gaskets please give us a call at 800.695.7929 .

How Do I Measure a Gasket?
Gaskets are always measured outside corner to outside corner. If you are missing a gasket on your unit, you can measure track to track. You must indicate in the notes section on the order page when you are ordering gaskets with track to track measurements. 

Be sure to measure your gasket more than once. We suggest that you measure three times to ensure your measurements are correct. Gaskets tend to be "temperamental" and need to be exact. Gaskets are custom made to order and are not returnable.