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Bakers Pride

logo.gif BAKERS PRIDE was founded in New York in the mid 1940's, and initiated one of the most dramatic innovations in the history of American cuisine by inventing the modern production pizza oven. Prior to their invention of a factory built, gas-fired ceramic deck transportable pizza oven, pizza was produced in massive, coal-fired, hand built brick ovens by a small number of culinary artists catering to a limited number of pizza connoisseurs. As they continued to refine the process with sophisticated, accurate temperature controls, even heat distribution, and energy efficient burners, the pizza market grew from a minor ethnic food to an American favorite. Today, BAKERS PRIDE is world-renowned for high quality commercial baking, cooking, and pizza equipment. They provide a wide selection of quality deck ovens, countertop ovens, conveyor ovens, and under-fired char broilers to meet any need of the foodservice, pizza and supermarket industries worldwide. Find out more about the Bakers Pride brand by clicking here
  • 511227 - B K Industries - Regulator Conversion Lp - C0275

    B K Industries - Regulator Conversion Lp - C0275

    Nat To Lp Conversion Kit, For Vr42/4300, V/Vr82/8300, Sv95/9600 Type, Standard % Slow Open Models, Not Step Models. Honeywell #393691, #396221-2, For Honeywell Safety Valve # 54-1073 Blodgett 30290, Frymaster 8071848 Lp, (Honeywell, For Nat Conversion...

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  • 264454 - Bakers Pride - Bushing - S3019X

    Bakers Pride - Bushing - S3019X

    Bushing Id = .52", Od= .62", Flange Od = .88", Overall Length = .44" Bakers Pride Bk-18, Bk18, Dp-2, P-22Bl, P-22S, P-24S, P-44Bl, P-44S, P-46S, P-48S, P18S, P24S Bakers Pride: S3019X

    MSRP: $8.02
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  • Bakers Pride - Spring - S3003X

    Bakers Pride - Spring - S3003X

    Door Spring, (9-3/4" Overall) 6-1/2" Body, 1-1/8" Wide (Has Loose Hooks), Y600 (Newer Units) Top Door Spring. Bakers Pride Oven, (Series 300, 400), D125, Y600, Y612 Bakers Pride: S3003X Bakers Pride: S3003A

    MSRP: $29.98
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  • 521061 - American Range - Pilot Valve1/8 Mpt X 3/16 Cc - A29301

    American Range - Pilot Valve1/8 Mpt X 3/16 Cc - A29301

    Dual Pilot Adjustment Valve [ 1/8" Mpt x 3/16" Cct ] [Width 1.25"], [ Comes With Twin 3/16" Cct ] American Range, Royal Range Bakers Pride Broiler Series: 50, Ch, Xx, Sgbr Imperial Broiler Series: Eba, Gd, Icb, Irb. Grill Series: Imga. Range...

    MSRP: $33.50
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  • Apw - Orifice (44) - 2066844

    Apw - Orifice (44) - 2066844

    Brass Hood Orifice, 3/8"-27 x 1/2" High x #44 Bakers Pride Comstock Castle Oven-Range Where Applicable Dynamic Cooking Systems Oven Fsco. Southbend Range 1364-D. Apw: 2066844 Bakers Pride: R3130X Comstock Castle: Or-44 Dcs (Dynamic Cooking Systems):...

    MSRP: $5.60
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  • 261330 - Bakers Pride - Ball Plunger - S3091X

    Bakers Pride - Ball Plunger - S3091X

    Ball Plunger Door Catch Blodgett Oven Series: Bcg, Ctb & Ctbr (Before 7-5-83), Dfg, Ef/Eze, Fa/Gzl, Re (Before 7/5/83). Bakers Pride: S3091X Blodgett: 8584 Bakers Pride: S3091A Market Forge: 1229652 Middleby Marshall: 3024A8807 Middleby Marshall: 7607103

    MSRP: $67.02
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