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What Are The Main Types of Gaskets?
There are four types of gaskets. Compression, Magnetic Screw-In, Magnetic Push-In, and Magnetic Dart Mount. We also carry many other varieties of gaskets, if you have questions about our other styles of gaskets please email us at

How Do I Measure a Gasket?
Gaskets are always measured outside corner to outside corner. If you are missing a gasket on your unit, you can measure track to track. You must indicate in the notes section on the order page when you are ordering gaskets with track to track measurements. 

Be sure to measure your gasket more than once. We suggest that you measure three times to ensure your measurements are correct. Gaskets tend to be "temperamental" and need to be exact. Gaskets are custom made to order and are not returnable.

How Do I Find an Anthony Work Order Number?

Do you have an Anthony cooler/freezer and don't know where to find the model and serial number? In order to determine the correct gasket needed for your specific door, we need to know the Work Order number for Anthony gaskets. This number, as well as other important information, can be found on a sticker on the top inside of the door. Just take a picture of this sticker, send it our way at, and we can figure out everything we need to know!

How Do I Measure an Offset?
If your door is not flush against the wall, this means there is an offset. Learn how to measure the offset for your latch and strike, door closer, and hinges!

What Are The Different Types of Strip Curtains and Hardware you Provide?
Watch Sean explain the different types of strip curtains BA Refrigeration provides, as well as the various mounting brackets available. If you have any questions please email us at and we would be happy to help you figure out what style will work best for you.

Cam-Rise vs Spring Hinge

Watch this video to determine which hinge is right for you!


Cutting Boards - Edges and Corners

Learn the difference between the different edge and corner options available. Standard vs Bullnosed. Also, learn and see what a juice grove is! 


Cutting Board Options

Watch Matt go through every cutting board option in regards to color, material and thickness of each style!