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Build Your Own Strip Curtain Tips

Strip Width:* Click to show the tips

The width of each individual strip in a curtain.
Strip width
Material:* Click to show the tips
Strips curtains made for walk-in freezers use a more flexible material than those made for walk-in coolers. This increases lifetime by preventing splitting and cracking at low temperatures.
Smooth Texture Smooth Texture
Texture:* Click to show the tips
Smooth - No texture. Flat like a piece of paper.
Ribbed - Raised ridges that run the length of each strip. The ribs protect the curtain from scratching as the strips slide against each other when objects are pushed through. This increases the lifetime of curtains on high-traffic doors, especially where racks and/or other large objects like pallet jacks or forklifts pass through with loads.
Smooth Texture
Overlap:* Click to show the tips
Used to prevent the passage of air, each strip in a curtain must partially cover the strips on either side. The overlap indicates the percentage of each strip that is covered by other strips. For example, if an 8 inch strip overlaps the strip on either side by 1 inch, the overlap would be 25%. (1 inch on left side plus 1 inch on right side equals 2 inches of overlap on an 8 inch wide strip = 2 of 8 = 25%.
Hardware (Mounting Bar):* Click to show the tips
QuickMount - Used with 6 inch curtains on the usual walk–in doors: the strips have a hole at the top that hangs on pegs on the support rod. 

Universal Mounting bar - Used for hanging larger and heavier 8 and 12 inch strips, where the strips are hung on studs welded to the support rod. Universal mounting hardware can be used to hang on the wall and within the door frame.
Quick Mount Universal bar
Safety Strip Configuration: Click to show the tips
Orange strips which are added to the curtain to mark the center, or edges, or both, of a doorway. These are identifying markers are mainly used when traffic is by forklifts and/or other heavy equipment.
Safety Door
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